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It’s official

After months of talking it over quietly behind closed doors, our traveling sabbatical is now official. We leave in August. Jared announced the news to his staff at Infosurv a week ago, who took it well. They were neither panicked nor ecstatic that their boss is leaving… either of which would have been a bad sign! During this sabbatical the company’s operations will be in the hands of its experienced Leadership Team, whom Jared trusts wholeheartedly.

Now the planning is underway. We’re reading books and online articles, discussing our itinerary, and exploring options for air transportation and renting out the condo. Most importantly, we’re telling everyone that we know about the sabbatical so that we can’t back out! It’s scary to put one’s life on pause for 6-12 months, but then again, if we find the sabbatical as enriching as we hope, perhaps it will feel more like hitting the “play” button than the “pause” one.  More to come!


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