The Checklist

As part of our sabbatical planning we’ve put together a checklist of everything we need to do before leaving.  We want this blog to be a resource for others planning a similar experience, so in the interest of sharing we’ll include below what’s currently on our list:


  • Set up appt with travel clinic- get immunizations
  • Sell, donate, store or trash all non-essential stuff in the condo
  • Make a packing list and see what we need to buy (electronics and personal clothing)
  • Plan possible cruise in Mediterranean in September???
  • List condo for rent
  • Get medical and financial POA (power of attorney) written up


  • Start looking at flights for first/second leg of trip
  • Visas for specific countries that require them
  • Rent out condo
  • Check into COBRA for medical insurance in the US


  • Get travelers health insurance/evacuation insurance for abroad
  • Safety deposit box for valuables
  • Reduce car insurance or cancel
  • Reduce home owners insurance to only cover furniture and fixtures
  • Forward mail to office/parents’ house (we’ll get an email every Monday with a summary of mail contents)
  • Move out of condo


  • Get all prescriptions filled (90 days worth preferred)
  • Cell phones (international plan…)
  • Get Lauren’s car serviced and hit the road!

Are we leaving anything out???


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2 responses to “The Checklist

  1. i got my travel insurance with

    they came highly recommended from other travelers, definitely should check them out.

  2. Hi Jared and Lauren

    Yael from WorldNomads here. Thanks for the recommendation Chris! If you two have any specific questions about WorldNomads travel insurance policies please feel free to shoot us an email through to

    Happy travels!

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