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The Point of No Return

For the last couple of days a particular song just won’t get out of my head…  I think our sabbatical plans have officially reached the “point of no return.”

Here’s what has happened this week:

  • We have a renter for the condo, moving in this weekend
  • Lauren submitted a letter of resignation to her employer (with a generous 1 month notice)
  • Jared set the date for his last day at Infosurv

Since we found a condo renter a bit sooner than expected, we’ll be somewhat homeless for the next several weeks until our travels begin.  Fortunately all of our parents live in Atlanta and are thrilled at the idea of us living with them for a few weeks (crazy, I know.)   We’ll start the bidding at free rent, free laundry service, and 3 home-cooked meals per week.  Do I hear an offer for 5 home-cooked meals per week?

Without a home or jobs, there’s no backing out now!   It feels a potent mix of exciting, liberating and scary.  This trip has evolved from an idea to a conversation to a plan… and soon it will be a reality.

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