Italy – The Itinerary

After playing around on Google Maps for the better part of an afternoon with my good friend Alex, we now have a rough itinerary for the first stop in Europe:  bella Italia. We plan to arrive there in late August and spend 3-4 weeks traveling the country, mostly via car. The highlight, at least for me, will be watching the famous Rolex Cup sailboat race in Sardinia.

Alex was born in Milan and spent summers throughout his childhood in Lake Como and Sardinia, so he knows these areas especially well.  He helped us map out a wonderful itinerary though Milan – Lake Como – Verona – Bologna – Genova – Sardinia – Naples – and various small towns in Tuscany.  In Sardinia, which he knows best, we even know which hidden beaches to hit, what restaurants to visit and what to order there!

Google Maps has some impressive functionality for planning and sharing our itinerary, which you can peruse below:

We’ll post more maps in the coming months to share our travel plans and where we’ve gone.  The planning process for a trip like this is half the fun!


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6 responses to “Italy – The Itinerary

  1. Maya

    We might be in Tuscany at the same time depending on what dates you will be there. We are hitting up Cinque Terra, Florence, Tuscany and ending in the Almafi Coast. Your itinerary looks fantastic- so excited for you two!

  2. Awesome! Cinque Terra is one of my favorite places in Italy.

  3. Julia Bernath

    If you are interested in touring some of the wineries in Tuscany, we have a WONDERFUL guide for that area – Guido! If you are interested, I’ll be glad to share his contact info with you! What a wonderful adventure the two of you are going to have!!

  4. alessandro

    I’ve got a feeling you guys are just going to get stuck in Italy and won’t want to get unstuck for a long long time. It will become your around Italy sabbatical instead of around the world.

  5. poppy

    Surely you will go to Venice and Florance. Nana would never forgive you if you pass up these two exciting sites.Also, when you get to Paris, remember you have a membership to the Club Casserole waiting for you at LaSare Resturant.
    Enjoy yourselves and come back safe and sound.

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