Week in Florida

We’ve just wrapped out the first piece of the sabbatical, a relaxing week in Watercolor, Florida, USA. It was the perfect setting to change gears from work mode to travel mode. We stayed in the gorgeous beach home of a family friend who was kind enough to donate it to us. Half of the week it was just the two of us and the other half included close friends Rocky and Susie, our “niece” Anya (age 3) and “nephew” Ronan (age 3 months.) Rocky’s brother and his family also stopped by to visit.

The Gulf coast was beautiful and the beaches were spotless despite the impression the media might give you. Well, Lauren did spot one ‘pretty black shell’ in the water that turned out to be a tar ball.

Our days revolved around the beach, the pool, fresh seafood lunches and home-cooked dinners. Jared proudly managed to keep up his P90X routine despite the afternoon heat.

Jared put together a short video on his new iPhone 4 to summarize the week. It was completely shot, edited, and produced using the iPhone and the iMovie app. Please excuse the poor production value… it’s his first movie ever.


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4 responses to “Week in Florida

  1. poppy

    I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. This will be the first of many more wonderful, adventurous experiences.

    Much love,

  2. Jacques Murphy

    Jared – I’m totally impressed!!! Great job with your first 100% iPhone 4 production!!

    And, wow, what a great way to start your adventure!



  3. Megan Hedden

    Oh my goodness. That video was so great!! I’m so happy for you guys and look forward to following your adventure!

  4. Melissa

    We Love Stalking you!!! 🙂

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