The best jacket for woman-kind

So some of you may think it’s strange that I want to write a blog post about my jacket, but I believe it’s the best jacket in the entire world.  When you pack for one year of travel in a carry-on size bag, it is very important to choose the best pieces of clothing which are extremely functional.  I have that one jacket!  When I was home for a 2 day layover in November before heading to South America, I went to REI to buy a new jacket.  My requirements were that it had to have a hood and pack down extremely flat.  The sweatshirt I had in Europe was just a bit too bulky.  I knew that it would get cold at night in Peru and I needed an extra layer between my clothes and my shell (rain jacket).  I found the most amazing jacket by Salomon!!! I just recently realized what an incredible piece of clothing it was on my hike today.  The past week, we have been in Patagonia, Argentina where we have been wearing every layer of warm clothes that are in our bags.

Why this jacket rocks….

  1. Thumb holes with extra fabric that covers your knuckles and palms
  2. Fold-out mittens
  3. Little zipper pocket in the front that holds my iPhone and cash/credit cards
  4. Big zipper pocket on the back of the jacket where I keep my journal and a pen when I’m out for the day
  5. Cute purple color
  6. Ventilated arm-pits
  7. And the last reason which I discovered today…a hole in the hood for my ponytail

Built-in mittens!

You girls will understand the problem I have when I put a hood on my head I’m not sure what to do with my hair.  Do I stuff it down in the back?  Do I pull it out to the side?  Well, with this hood, there is a hole in the back to pull my ponytail out!!! I thought it was just for ventilation and it may still be intended for that, but the fact that it’s the perfect height for my ponytail to just fit right out the back is ingenious. I got so excited when I figured this out on my way back from my hike that I decided there needed to be a blog post dedicated to my jacket.

Much needed jacket on the islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru

Thanks for reading 😉

Just to catch you all up, I met Jared in Buenos Aires on March 3rd and we spent 3 weeks exploring the city.  Jared is currently working on a new blog post about BsAs.  From BsAs, we flew south to El Calafate in Patagonia and spent a few days there where we visited the Moreno Glacier.  From El Calafate, we took a 3 hour bus to El Chalten and spent 4 days there.  Currently, we are on a 2 day bus trip heading north to warmer weather and Bariloche, Argentina which is the beautiful lake region.



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6 responses to “The best jacket for woman-kind

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like a great jacket! You said it was a Solomon jacket from REI, but what is the item #?

  2. lindsay

    LOVE the jacket! Looks like REI doesn’t carry it anymore. I think its the Salomon Swift Midlayer Hoody

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