This is the official travel blog for Jared Heyman‘s two-year traveling sabbatical around the world.  I named the blog “Chasing Summer” because that’s what I planned to do… chase summer around the world. When the weather turns cold in one hemisphere, you’ll find me in the other one.

By way of introduction, I’m a technology entrepreneur, health nut, gadget freak, and experienced world traveler.  I started an online market research firm, Infosurv, in 1998 and spent the next 12 years of my life passionately growing it.  Once the business was well-established, with consistent revenue and a top-notch management team, I decided to take some time away to travel, read, and reinvigorate.  July 16, 2010, was my last day at the office.

I began this trip with my girlfriend of 3 years, Lauren Goldstein.   Lauren is an occupational therapist by trade and loves working with the geriatric population.  We were both fortunate that she met a new best friend in graduate school, my sister Carly, who eventually introduced us.  Although Lauren already had the opportunity to study and travel abroad multiple times, this was her first time way for more than 3 months at a time.

We left on a mission to travel the world, meet fantastic new people, expand our horizons, and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  We traveled for 3 months together through the USA, Italy and Greece, and then in November of 2010 we decided to traveling separately through South America (apart from 6 weeks that we shared in Argentina.)   Although our relationship is no longer, the adventure has continued and this blog chronicles it.


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  1. Vince

    Hey, you wrote introduced “her to her brother” in the ABOUT comment section so I just wanted to make sure you two weren’t incestuous — cause it implies that.

  2. Meghan

    Found your blog through the “Summer Chasers” article on cnn.com. My husband and I are planning to do a round-the-world trip in 5 1/2 years and will be taking our 2 sons, who are currently 4 1/2 and 1 1/2. I’ll look forward to reading about your adventures and possibly putting some new places on our list of places to go!

    • I think it’s great that you’re planning the trip so far in advance. Setting a date is the first and most important step in making something like this a reality! Best of luck to you guys and I hope that our blog helps you in some small way. -Jared

  3. JC

    I just read the article about you on Inc. magazine. The sabbatical part caught my attention as I just started mine this week (left my job last week, been thinking about it for almost year).

    Planning on taking 1 – 1.5 years off, and like you made my schedule pretty flexible and not do too much planning as it can get overwhelming. Hoping to be conversational in at least one other language as well (planning on taking Spanish classes in Guatemala).

    I’m reading your blog post on “Money and RTW Travel” right now and what you said is so true! When I told my co-workers about my plan to travel around the world some think that I must have a lot of money to be able to do this. My usual response is, “Not really, I just don’t have much expenses.”

    Looking forward to your future blog posts and really glad to hear that you’re having lots of fun doing this!

  4. Read your story in Inc. and loved it. My wife and I have longed to do this and will soon now that all of our three kids are in college. I own a Tech/internet company as well and the numbers are starting to be in my favor so in 1 year we will set out on our quest. At 44 I’m still young enough to explore…May we see you on a beach.
    Tim Town
    CEO bizroomacademy.com

    • Tim, I’m glad you enjoyed the story! I bet you and your wife will enjoy the experience even more than you think. We’re only about a decade apart in years, and I can tell you that the ideal window to travel is around our age — old enough to appreciate it but young enough to still have the energy. Best of luck to you!

  5. Jared, loved your article in Inc. It had a profound impact and motivated me to re-focus on my goals! I’m 26 and leaving for an extended tour, beginning in Buenos Aires, in 9 days. Got any helpful advice to share?

    • Jared Heyman

      Danny, I’m flattered and pleased to hear to my story had a positive impact on you. The main reason I chose to invest so much time talking with Inc. was in hopes of sharing what I’ve learned and inspiring like-minding individuals. You’re going to have an amazing time in BsAs. I spent about 6 weeks in Argentina and 10 months in the whole of South America, so there is much advice I could share. If you need travel advice on Argentina, please check out my “Tour de Argentina” blog post and write any specific questions in the comments section so that others can benefit as well from my response. For anything else, please feel free to email me directly via Facebook (I don’t post my email address on the blog to prevent spam). Best of luck to you!

  6. Thanks Jared – when I come up with some good questions for you I will send you that e-mail!

  7. can you comment more about your strategic planning process you implemented prior to leaving? I work for a company in a similar situation and just accepted the position as its sales manager/marketing director. Our founder is trying to ‘remove himself’ from the equation, and already lives in another state and visits us only once every couple of months. would love any insight.

    • The strategic planning process that we implemented at Infosurv prior to my departure is based upon the Rockefeller Habits “one-page strategic plan” and associated meeting rhythms by Gazelles (http://www.gazelles.com/strategic_planning.html). We worked with an independent consultant to help us implement the process. I’m a big fan of this process because it helps translate mission, values, and long-term goals into simple, tactical, short-term actions. For your founder, the most important thing is to implement a process, any process, that takes strategic planning out of his head and into a repeatable process that his management team can follow with or without his presence. I’m glad to speak with you and/or your founder directly if you guys would like some more detail.

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